About Us

The history of the shop and what we offer.

We Are “Thinking Makers”


Radii Inc. is a multi-disciplined fabrication studio comprised of “thinking makers” who successfully collaborate with notable design professionals to execute award-winning projects with superior precision, thought, and clarity.

Industry veterans Ed Wood and Leszek Stefanski lead a handpicked team of design-fabricators who employ innovative fabrication solutions and expert visualization-experimentation to create scaled architecture, art, and objects of the highest quality.

The Radii team understands that their reputation is not defined simply by “the things they make,” but rather by the satisfaction of the clients they serve and the success of each project they create.


Our Process. Our Space. Our Tools


•  Brainstorming and fast grasp of project concept and goals. 

•  Cost-effective problem-solving for visualization, technique, materiality, scope options.

•  Added value as a collaborative extension of any design team offering years of expertise.

•  Creative design phase solutions: physical testing, mock-ups, project control samples.

•  Proficiency in all 2-d/3-d drawing formats and applications for physical fabrication.

•  8000 sf, fully equipped studio space staffed with our 'best in the business' design-fabrication team.

•  Knowledge of all materials and their properties (wood, metal, stone, plaster, lacquer, casting, acrylic, finishing).

•  Extensive experience with lighting, lighting effects, interface, programming and project specific lighting controls.

•  In-house capabilities of traditional and non-traditional fabrication: full power tool shop, laser cutting, CNC milling, 3-d printing, etc.

•  In-house photo studio, imaging and retouching services.

•  Full installation services and life-time guarantee of all our work.