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ArchDaily | Our Readers Show Off Their Most Impressive Architectural Models

"While it perhaps wouldn't be fair to compare the submissions of most of our readers to those made by model-making pros, we couldn't help but showcase a few of the stunning professional models that were submitted. This selection gives just a hint of what's possible given the experience and resources of some of the best model makers in the world.


Architect's Newspaper | Radii

"The two founders of the model-making studio Radii, Leszek Stefanski and Ed Wood, however, claim they often work not simply from drawn plans but from “adjectives.” Architects ask them to mock up a facade model that is more “crystalline,” “undulating,” or “robust,” and as architects themselves they speak the language of architecture."


Architect's Newspaper | Radii's WTC Marketing Suite

“When you abstract a building, it can be as challenging as making it photo-real,” said Wood. “How do you distill it down to an iconic replica but still have it read as a whole?”


Esquire Magazine | The Blasters

"People who make it up the stairs really want to work with us," Ed Wood says. Ed's one of the owners of Radii, and his shop has turned out maybe twenty — Ed's lost count — iterations of the Freedom Tower. So far. Radii is where architects come and whisper adjectival descriptions to Ed and his partner, Leszek Stefanski, and their crew, many of whom are architects themselves.


The Gothamist | The Panorama Of The City Of New York Has A New Addition!

The model also includes every single building constructed before 1992, in all five boroughs—a total of 895,000 individual structures. And through May 20th there are even 15 fantastical islands in the panorama's "rivers."


Curbed | Inside The Miniature World Of Architectural Model Makers

"What most people don't understand," Stefanski said, "is that a good model is like a good car." Nowadays, everyone wants models with extremely precise details and special effects of many different types.


Fox News 2 | Rise Of Freedom

"If a picture's worth a thousand words, a model's worth a million."